How to prepare for CFA Level 2 Exams in May 2021

We know how popular and valuable the CFA classification is now. CFA is a world-famous designation. An applicant must clear the three CFA Levels of CFA – Level I, CFA Level II, and the CFA Level II. All 3 CFA Levels – Level I, Level II, and Level III provide comprehensive insights into topics such as quantitative methods, economy, finance, and valuation, tax valuation, equity investments, portfolio, and tax. CFA Levelling is also required in order to obtain the credential of the chartered financial analyst. CFA is structured in a way that raises the level of difficulty for each topic as you pass to the next level. Thus, it is challenging and difficult to make Level II CFA more challenging than Level I CFA. All levels test your skill in this area. The CFA Institute notes that a student takes:

  1. Professional and Ethical Principles
  2. For an average of 4 years, the CFA is completed
  3. It takes more than 300 hours per CFA stage of analysis
  4. Preparation for each CFA stage is at least 6 months


What is CFA level 2 Exam

What makes a Level II CFA applicant admissible is a graduate and the Level I CFA examination has been cleared. It takes at least two years for each nominee to complete all CFA levels, as long as all CFA levels are evident in the first and consecutive attempts. To plan for Level II CFA, one needs at least 6 months. The Level II CFA exams in May and August may be presented by an applicant in an attempt to take place in 2021. The tests will then take place in February and August, beginning in 2022. However, the previous level must be cleaned up first in order to go to the next level. The tests are in a question format with multiple choices, and the applicant must answer all 120 questions of multiple-choice, on a 20-30 basis. The review takes place in two days, in the morning and in the afternoon.

The two sessions take two hours and a quarter of minutes and comprise 60 questions from 10 to 15 vignettes each. In both sessions, all questions are weighted equally and based on all ten subjects. For incorrect answers in tests, there are no fines or negative marks. The June 2019 level II CFA pass rate was 44%, and in the last 10 years the average level II CFA pass rate was 44%. You must consider registering and starting your training soon. Before entering your books, you must arrange for the CFA Level 2 2021 review plan.

  1. Your strength,
  2. Your weaknesses,
  3. Your analytical pace,
  4. Your Finance History.


CFA level 2 syllabus

The Syllabus Level II CFA course contains the 10 main study areas or topics:

  1. Ethical and professional standards
  2. Equity investments
  3. Financial reporting and analysis
  4. Quantitative methods
  5. Economics
  6. Corporate finance
  7. Alternative investments
  8. Fixed income
  9. Derivative investments
  10. Portfolio management and wealth management

Some tips regarding CFA exam preparation

No mistake to have your CFA level tests ready in May 2021 too soon. Instead, it can be a very patient and responsible decision as long as you can plan your studies correctly and use them to your advantages.

Some tips to do this are given below:


Establish both hard and soft skills

This also ensures that you can learn about the facets of the CFA test and test, aside from the study of the CFA curriculum (hard skills). Read as much as possible the review structure, specifications, policies, etc. Learn as well how much time you can study and test (soft skills).


Manage your disturbances

If you continue to do anything but the CFA exam, it will be very problematic for you to successfully prepare and study your preparation. In addition, it would be tempting to perform study if you wish to have 43% of the candidates who pass the examination. That's not a positive thought.


Make a clear CFA exam studying schedule

Learning is a process, not an occurrence – a successful plan directs any efficient process. We propose four terms to incorporate this approach: planning – examining – assessing – deciding. In our CFA Exam Planer we incorporated this strategy to aid distracting, unorganized, lax or unproductive individuals.


Make a perfect study plan

You intend to do stuff! Show your rundown, but focus on your everyday tasks. For your own four month study schedule, the following level 1 training plan is a suitable basis. Using our CFA Exam Research Planner you can change this to fit your requirements. For instance, less study time can be provided for the items you want by labelling them as "easy." We say something about it at the end of this article.


Do your study regularly

A good student is a relaxing student , studying hard and then resting sometimes. If you are studying, go to your research site where no one cares. Don't worry while you relax while testing. The only way is safe.


Do a lot of practice

Be alert! As I suspected, I wasn't studying as equals. Because of the forgetfulness curve, even 60% of our study is ignored. You have to check what you want to learn every day. Train systematically to learn the style of the exam by doing different questions such as assessments.


Note down how much you progress

Take a peek every week if you follow your plan. If you go ahead, reward yourself something which is your favourite and which will motivate you to follow your aim, if you don't, try harder. Please note that it is all right to change the programme fairly as long as you're not too much delayed.


CFA level 2 subjects weightage

Here are the topics which are very much important for the CFA level 2 exams and also with their weight, so that you can be able to understand which topic is more important for you to get good marks in your upcoming CFA level 2 exam.


CFA level 2 topics

Subject weight

Ethical and professional standards


Equity investments


Financial reporting and analysis


Quantitative methods




Corporate finance


Alternative investment


Fixed income


Derivative investments


Portfolio management and wealth management




Some information regarding CFA level 2 examination

Test dates for Level II CFA are usually scheduled for June. In June 2020, however, no experiments will take place, considering the current situation due to the pandemic. In May 2021 and August 2021, the exam will be administered directly. Within 60 days of examination dates the Level II CFA results will be declared.

The CFA Level 2 May 2021 Exams study material can be used as a digital version or print version by the nominee. The Print edition contains a package of six volumes and can be used to cover the relevant shipping and customs fees by paying an extra USD 150, which can be non-refunded. Level II CFA review fees cover the digital edition fees. CFA registration and review dates for the latest changes to Level II. Edupristine offers experiential and practical CFA training, helping you to clear your CFA exams at the beginning.


Is CFA level 2 exam day different

The last paper-based review will be the CFA Level 2 review by 2020. Two 3-hour sessions are conducted, morning and afternoon, each with 60 questionnaires arranged into so-called vignetta sets (i.e. short cases which provide the framework for questions with multiple choices). The numbers of questions from multiple selections may vary from six to four, and a total of between twenty and thirty item sets may be required for your level 2 test (10-15 per session).

The period of the Level 2 test is shortened to approximately beginning in 2021. Four and a half hours. Your examination is divided into two sessions, each with an optional interruption of 135 minutes. Here are some valuable informations regarding your CFA level 2 examination question paper:

  1. Questions would also be formed into item sets (vignetted multi-choice questions, i.e. short description).
  2. Six or four questions will be answered by multiple choice per item collection.
  3. A collection of four items has two thirds of the number of items as a set of six items


Concluding Note

Only review your CFA programme curriculum. Each of them is six books, 100 pages. You need a lot of time to read from the top to the bottom – and not to say what you read. To take advantage of your study time, you need to be organised into a research programme. And remember: you both need a good Level 2 research plan to keep abreast of it! But just a word about the substance of the report. As your general knowledge and financial understanding are tested, I would call a conceptual level 2. Any definitions that are necessary to make sure they are correct during the analysis might be a good idea. To do this, you can make the needed dose of knowledge easier to use with many of the online study materials available.



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