CFA® Mock Test Series

Exams as per Institute pattern in CBT Format to ensure same speed in exams
Difficulty Levels of exams are same as of real CFA® exams
Judge performance among thousand students in percentile format
Detailed Manual one to one feedback by Experts and suggestions for improvement
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Test speed, accuracy, level of preparation

Manual Feedback

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Mentoring by experts

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Why join us for
CFA® Test Series?

Each exam is carefully designed after review of number of experts to provide quality test paper as per examination pattern so that students feel comfortable in exam hall aware about weak topics well in advance. You must go through evaluation pattern in exams and test your performance among same peers across the world.
Our team has started with the purpose of providing dedicated services to CFA students only. Our only focus is guide the path for CFA designation with quality content and personalized guidance to each candidate.
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Split Test Analysis - CFA Test Series

Split test analysis

Heal the weak topics with more practice and gaining in-depth understanding
Manual Evaluation - CFA Test Series

Manual Evaluation

Experts will manually evaluate the essay type questions and give your remarks
One to One Guidance - CFA Test Series

1-1 guidance

Experts will review the performance of each student & communicate

Our Courses

Our Features

Experienced Faculty - CFA Test Series

Experienced Faculty

Our full time teams of CFA Experts design the Quality questions and personalized mentor each student before the exams
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Deep Result Analysis - CFA Test Series


Similar to CFA exam results, comprehensive and competitive matrix will be provided for result along with Ranking among other students
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Mentoring - CFA Test Series


One to one personalized design of study schedule and proper day to day check on your daily targets plus motivation to get more
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Doubt Solving - CFA Test Series

Doubt Solving

Doubt solving is also provided by our experts. All types of academic doubts will be resolved through online doubt sessions
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Our Intro

CFA Test Series Introduction Video

Why Choose Us?

If after studying you are not feeling confident then topic wise is well. Full Mock is recommended to all the students

Although 6 full length mock test papers are recommended to really improve the speed in CBT format. But if you are short of time then you can attempt atleast 4 full length mock test papers.

Although each level can be passed with proper planning and sufficient practice. Mostly students consider level 2 as toughest among all.

Question paper along with answers will be provided in downloadable format after the test.

Yes, proper manual evaluation of essay type questions of CFA Level 3 will be provided along with suggestions for making improvement.

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