CFA Level 2 Exam Structure, Fee and Registration Details


The Level II test will take place over the course of four and a half hours, divided into two equal periods of two hours and twelve minutes each, with a possible break in between. The CFA Level II exam is composed of 22 item sets that include vignettes and 88 related multiple-choice questions. Candidates may require proctor help at any point during the exam's normal course. Proctors will arrive at workstations as soon as they can to offer assistance. If possible, we advise candidates to finish their exam before a proctor arrives. To ensure that candidates still have enough time to answer all questions, our exam writers constructed the test to accommodate for brief stops or interruptions.


Format of the CFA Level II Exam Questions

There are a total of 22 items on the Level II exam, with 11 item sets in each session. Twenty of the questions are graded, and two are trial questions that won't be graded.


Each item set's multiple-choice questions must be completed using the details from the vignette. Therefore, unlike in the CFA Level I test, the items are not free-standing. You must read the vignette before responding to each question. Both sessions, and just the first and second, might cover all of the themes. The topic and total point value will be stated at the outset of each item set vignette.



Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning (total)


Fixed Income


Equity Investments




Alternative Investments


Asset Classes (total)


Quantitative Methods


Financial Reporting and Analysis




Corporate Finance


Investment Tools (total)


Ethical and Professional Standards (total)





Level 2 CFA Fees in 2022

The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute's official website,, offers comprehensive information about registration and CFA level 2 fees. The CFA Institute charges a USD 700 early registration cost as opposed to a USD 1000 standard registration fee. As a result, the registration cost for the CFA Level 2 exam varies depending on when the candidate signs up for the exam. Candidates do not need to pay the 450 USD one-time enrollment fee because this is the second level of the CFA course. In 2022, the CFA level 2 exam will be given three times: in February, August, and November.


Registration Fees for CFA® Level 2 in 2022




Enrollment Fee

Zero(Only to be paid at CFA level 1)

Early registration fee

700 USD$

Standard registration fee

1000 USD$


Rescheduling Fees for CFA Level 2 in 2022

As previously stated, applicants are not charged an additional price for booking their CFA level 2 tests by the deadline. A rescheduling fee must be paid, though, if any candidate wants to move the exam date to a different date during the same exam session. The CFA level 2 exam date rescheduling fee in 2022 is $250 USD.

The rescheduling price for the CFA tests was decreased from USD 250 to USD 25 in 2021 in consideration of the difficulties candidates were experiencing as a result of COVID-19. To reschedule the exam date, candidates must now pay a rescheduling cost of USD 250. This fee was formerly waived for CFA exams 2022, but it has since been increased.


CFA Level 2 Registration Process 2022

Step 1: Go to, the CFA Institute's official website. Now navigate to the navigation bar's "Programs" link. As seen in the accompanying illustration, select "Register" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: After arriving at the registration website, scroll down and select "Enroll and Register" to continue with the CFA Level 2 registration process for the session in August 2022.

Step 3: Log in to your CFA account using the registered email address you have on file. Choose "CFA level 2" option to process further. Complete all required fields, including residence information, chosen CFA level 2 exam locations, passport number, employment status according to experience, work history, and other information. After that, read over all of the policies listed on the CFA Institute's official website. Check the box next to the statement of understanding to continue.

Step 4: Complete the registration payment in accordance with the CFA level 2 fee requirements in step 4. Use any of the CFA Institute's recognised payment methods.



  1. What is the fee for CFA Level 2?

The average cost of the CFA Level 2 course is between INR 1, 90,000 and 5, 60,000.


  1. Can I register for CFA Level 2?

You can sign up online to take the CFA level 2 tests during the November session. The registration deadline for the November session is August 9, 2022.


  1. Is CFA registration free?

Early registration for the CFA Program exam costs USD 900, while standard registration costs USD 1,200. USD 350 is the one-time enrollment charge.


  1. How do I pay for CFA registration?

Personal, business, or bank checks (such as cashier's checks and certified checks), as well as money orders or postal orders, Wire transfer, Candidates living in India have the option of paying in EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments).


  1. Is CFA costly?

If you pass each CFA exam the first time, you may expect to pay anywhere from $2,700 to $3,600 USD for all three levels depending on when you enroll. The total cost to take the CFA exam ranges from $3,050 to $3,950 USD when the $350 USD enrollment fee is added.


  1. How long is CFA registration valid?

Exam results for the CFA Program are permanent, and enrollment is not required annually. You have an unlimited amount of time to finish the CFA Program.


  1. What is CFA salary?

 In India, a CFA makes an average annual pay of 6, 31,179 rupees.


  1. How much is CFA membership fee?

Costs to Complete the CFA Program

Costs of the CFA® Exam CFA® Level I Registration (Standard) =$930

Level II CFA Registration (Standard) =$930

Level IIII CFA Registration (Standard) =$930

$250 for CFA Annual Membership.



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