CFA level 1 books

CFA level 1 books


Choosing the top CFA books to learn from is a reliable method of preparing for the CFA test. If money isn't a problem, we'd recommend learning from a completely thorough CFA course. A comprehensive CFA course, as opposed to a book, will contain video lectures, test banks with interactive questions, virtual support from instructors, and more.


There are various CFA Level 1 books to pick from. I've listed them alphabetically for comparative reasons, but I go into more depth later regarding the best CFA L1 book selection for the majority of CFA applicants.


Comparison of CFA Level 1 Books in Depth

If you're looking for the finest CFA prep textbooks to prepare with, keep in mind that your experience, learning preferences, and budget 

For the CFA examinations in 2021 and 2022, all of the books on this list have been updated.


1. The Official CFA Curriculum

To begin, you should be aware that your CFA Level 1 registration includes the electronic edition of the official CFA Level I textbook, often known as the curriculum. In other words, unless you explicitly want a printed edition, you do not need to purchase anything.

However, I strongly advise you to get the printed edition because active reading will assist you in passing your exam. In this scenario, active reading entails underlining and taking notes. You might also wish to work through some of the examples and questions in the book. As a result, most consumers will find it more cost-effective to acquire the printed Official CFA Level 1 Textbook because printing 3,712 pages would be too expensive!



In terms of quality, the CFA Curriculum is the most complete and exhaustive you'll find in any CFA book. As a result, this choice is appropriate for applicants who wish to go deep into the exam's details.



Many applicants complain that the curriculum is overly long (3,712 pages!) and difficult to comprehend. One of the prep books listed below may be a better alternative if you're seeking the best CFA Level I study material that covers a wider range of ideas.


2. CFA Level 1 Books by Kaplan Schweser

These textbooks, often known as Schweser Notes, provide a quick review of CFA subjects for applicants who don't have time to study the whole CFAI curriculum.

7 Level I CFA books and 1 formula sheet are included in this collection. There are also six practice examinations included in the bundle.

In comparison to the CFAI's 3,712 pagers, this set has just 1,100 pages (whew)!



Schweser's content is regarded as one of the greatest CFA books for a reason: it is understandable and easy to grasp for individuals who do not have a background in finance.



These are the priciest Level I books on the market. If you have a greater budget, though, you could be better off investing in a full CFA course, which includes a Qbank, video training, and teacher support.


3. Wiley CFA Level 1 Books

The Wiley CFA books, like Schweser, give a high-level overview of the curriculum's subject. In comparison to the CFA curriculum, these CFA books are just one-third the size in terms of page count!

The package includes 5 volumes and covers every single LOS.

This set also includes color-coding, which makes learning the concepts much easier.

Moreover, Wiley CFA has a good staff that has been producing accounting and finance exam prep materials for over 40 years. In fact, Wiley CPAexcel is among the most popular CPA solutions on the market. Wiley CFA has a large sufficient team to produce continuous updates, and they certainly know how to teach the subjects covered on the CFA test in the best way possible.



Given the amount of content you'll need to know when studying for the CFA Level I test, you'll want a prep book that you can go through fast, and these surely do.

This CFA textbook, like other Wiley products, is well-organized and formatted for ease of use.

Wiley gets our selection for the finest Level I CFA book because it's succinct but not to the point where ideas are brushed over. Furthermore, the books are easy to read and provide enough space for taking notes.

We have yet to come across another book as simple to read as this one!

These novels have also received good ratings from our readers.



These are the priciest Level I books on the market. If you have a greater budget, though, you could be better off investing in a full CFA course, which includes a Qbank, video training, and teacher support.


4. Wiley 11th Hour Guide

The Wiley CFA 11th Hour Review and Test Bank, created by Elan Guides, is the last review's "summary of the summary." However, because the physical book lacks examples, it is better suited to reviewing essential topics that you might have forgotten than serving as a primary source of information.



This is an excellent alternative for individuals who want a short review of the topics without having to re-read huge textbooks, and it will provide an overall, big-picture view of the study modules.



There isn't enough material here to make this your primary learning tool.


Conclusion: What are the best CFA books to study with?


For individuals with a bigger money to spend on CFA exam prep, we recommend getting a comprehensive, integrated CFA review course. Comprehensive refresher courses will give many learning components for preparation and will be the ideal CFA Level 1 study resources for the majority of CFA applicants. Furthermore, these comprehensive courses will boost your chances of passing on your first try. If you're on a tight budget, we recommend combining the CFA curriculum with the AnalystPrep CFA study tools to guarantee you have a thorough mastery of the exam subject.




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