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CFA has a world-famous course, which focuses specifically on investment management, coordinated by the CFA Institute. CFA is recommended for those who want to develop their finance careers. CFA is not limited only to India, as this is a global course that is accredited, so global investment management is a major part of the course.

CFA course is also divided into three tiers and includes a work experience of four years. This means that both CA and CFA are focused on the realistic problems of the world. However, after graduation, one can only go to CFA.

CFA focuses primarily on finance and is entirely concept-based. The examiner here tests rather than their studying the application of principles and formulas.


What is CFA

The CFA programme, which is to be carried out successively, is a sequence of three tests (levels I, II and III). A minimum of three hours of CFA-level training is recommended. However, depending on their particular backgrounds and experience some applicants will need more or moins time. You can take any test without restriction and you can take as long as you need to complete the programme. The CFA curriculum is diverse and adjusts to the global investment profession 's design and complexity every year.

If you plan to continue as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), you will need to pass a series of examinations. The CFA checks and certifies your skill and integrity before becoming a financial analyst. By passing the CFA exam, you will gain theoretical skills on quantitative processes, economy, financial reporting, investment research and portfolio management. The test will help you to grow your career or look for a new job in the financial sector.

Tests carried out by the CFA Institute typically consist of multiple choices and there are a range of options for applicants. The CFA test comprises a series of three evaluations: Levels I, II , III. At level I you should expect to rely on basic knowledge and understanding of investment tools while at level I you should base your investment tool on a more complex property assessment. The Level III analysis is an application-driven study which allows you to better analyse portfolio management and asset management. You need to know the  cfa exam dates.


CFS Exam Dates

The next few CFA examination cycles will be analysed in detail:

Dec2020: This December will usually host level 1 , 2 and 3 only at Level 1 this year, due to the adjournment of the CFA review by COVID-19 in June 2020. The last paper-based evaluation for all 3 CFA examination levels will be December 2020. For this review, registration closed.

CFA Feb level 1 exam dates: Examinations at level 1. This will be the first CFA level 1 candidate computer-based test (CBT). Candidates at Level 1 are now eligible to take the exam 4x a year from February, May, August and November from 2021 onwards. This is how computer-based CFA research is going to work.


CFA May exam dates : Examinations at levels 1 , 2 and 3. These were the first CBT applicants for Level 2 and Level 3. The exam will be taken two times a year by 2021 from levels 2 (May and August) and 3 (May and November). The one-off test period for Level 2 applicants is May 2021, and from 2022 onwards this will return to February 2022 and August 2022.


 CFA August exam dates : Examinations at levels 1 and 2 only.


CFA November exam dates : Examinations only at level 1 and level 3.


Key deadline

Feb 2021 CBT Exams only for level 1

May 2021 CBT Exams for all levels

August 2021 CBT Exams for level 1 and level 2

November 2021 CBT Exams for level 1 and level 3

Opening of exam registration

16th June 2020

20th Aug 2020

20th Aug 2020

20th Aug 2020

Opening of scheduling window

16th June 2020

20th Aug 2020

3rd Nov 2020

2nd Feb 2021

Deadline of early registration

13th August 2020

3rd Nov 2020

2nd Feb 2021

4th May 2021

Deadline of final registration

7th Dec 2020

?(changed from 3rd Nov 2020)

?23rd Feb 2021

4th May 2021

10th Aug 2021

Deadline of scheduling

14th Dec 2020

?(changed from 22nd Nov 2020)

10th Mar 2021

23rd May 2021

25th Aug 2021

Deadline of Rescheduling

25th Jan 2021

16th Apr 2021

22nd Jul 2021

14th Oct 2021

CFA Exam window

23rd Feb -

?1st Mar 2021

Level 1: 18th -24th May 2021

?Level 2: 25th -29th May 2021

Level 3: 25th -27th May 2021

Level 1: 24th -30th Aug

Level 2: 31st Aug - 4th Sep

Level 1: 16th -22nd Nov

Level 3: 23rd -25th Nov


Phase of CFA Selection 2020

The course has three levels:

Level I: emphasis on ten main areas of expertise and quick review by means of an investment tool

Level II: emphasis on the use of principles and investment methods with an emphasis on evaluating all the properties.

Level III: emphasis on the application of all techniques and principles to successfully control portfolios and planning wealth.


The review will take six hours for each level and the current preparatory plan will run for six months.

Six months in advance are declared for each stage the application process. In the next six months the applicants will register for the desired standard, planning for and eventually applying for the test.

The applications are made available online on the official website and must be completed and submitted by the end of the day.


Why You Should Choose CFA

The benefits of the CFA appointment include:

  • Real-world expertise
  • Technical recognition
  • Legal foundation
  • Community Global
  • Employer Application

There is a gap in pure demand for the CFA charter. For the June 2015 review, over 160,000 registers of the CFA exams were processed (35% in the US, 22% in Europe, Middle East, Africa and 43% in the Asian Pacific).


Career in Finance

 You definitely need CFA if you are attracted to Investment Management. Management of investment usually calls for broader management of investment funds and for a decision to spend money.


High-End Banking Investment

CFA offers specialised skills that are required for investors and stock analysts. Most investment bankers and analysts performed the CFA study.


Hedge Fund Job

You can find that CFA is also beneficial, but not a prerequisite when you plan to use hedge funds.


Booster Summary – This grade is a booster Summary, since the CFA charter holder is very significant.


Syllabus of CFA Exam

The Syllabus of CFA course contains the 10 main study areas or topics:

  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Equity investments
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Quantitative methods
  • Economics
  • Corporate finance
  • Alternative investments
  • Fixed income
  • Derivative investments
  • Portfolio management and wealth management


Exam Content and Format

The exam format for CFA is much less flexible. There are three examination stages, and the next one is required. The review content focuses on financial statements and portfolio management, instead of accounting, auditing, and taxation.

The analyses are rendered in traditional format with paper and pencil. The test is generally carried out twice a year at levels 1 and once a year at levels 2 and 3.

There are many international CFA test centres in major cities and metropolitan areas.


You Should Start Early

In general, begin quickly if the CFA level 1 , 2 & 3 test is to be best prepared. What is the reason? When you begin soon, you have to try to get through the programme or maybe try to draw it as it is supposed to be. Put simply, because you would love to be, you are in this particular company. You are expected to follow your charter. If you're trying to find the programme, maybe by doing this field, you can be just ethical and extremely enjoyable. You must look at it. So if you begin to read it, read it as if you heard it. Like the learning process. It allows you to do this more efficiently. Why don't you, therefore? For example if you would like to move to an alternate state, you are simply interested in learning a fresh language.

So enjoy the learning process. It's fun. Don't have this overall harmful thinking method of preparing a test as you discover it. So enjoy the learning process. The learning has a much greater endurance, which lengthens the chemistry and it can feel less taxable.

Although I say that you begin early, this is just the main reason why you need enough time to make it truly enjoyable. If you try to have a time crunch, you set aside a marathon session the previous three weeks, ten hours a day. You will flame out. You will burn out.

So A, take note of the weights we are debating today. And then you definitely want to place this nearly three times, which is actually quite unequal since, for example, you are in economics, and thus the allotment of your time should be commensurate with the weight of the test. That's the starting point. Next, concentrate on the argument of the learning outcome. This is a fun tactic, you know. In reality, what does the Institute think they need one to find out? This is the LOS, which masters the result sentence. It stated explicitly what you should be aware of. And even if you know what you are trying to find, make sure that you absorb that linked knowledge.



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